This is the idea and the time line from Feb25-Feb28


How GPUs Work
The Web Never Forgets
Pixel Perfect
Mainly 1, setup the OpenGl environment; 2, reading somepapers. There is something new:

New hints

  • May use self-defined webfonts test the Graph card and drivers
  • What is ISO standard 12233? It should be a lens resolution measurement way
  • Try to use other characters such as Chinese, Japniese and so on to get a higher entorpy
  • What is Unicode U+1F603? Can this be used as a feature
  • So many paper have used the “default font” as a feature

Graphic card

In the world of graphic card, everything is made of triangles. The deveopers uses graphics library (OpenGL, DriectX) to provide each triangle to the graphics pipeline one vertex at a time. After that, the graphic card will do something:

  • Model transformations (by homogeneous coordinates)
  • Lighting, handles multiple lights by summing the contributions of each individual light
  • Camera simulation, use matrix-vector multiplication
  • Rasterization
  • Texturing
  • Hidden surfaces
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